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The Rim Worlds

... out on the Galactic Rim things are very iffy and if you fart really hard your're liable to blow yourself on to an Alternate Time Track.

A Bertram Chandler.

Legends of the Rim

Act Mockba


  • The Rim of Space
  • Bring Back Yesterday
  • Beyond the Galactic Rim
  • Catch the Star Winds
  • Space Mercenaries

Short Stories

  • Zoological Specimen



Published Editions

  • Act Mockba, (Russia), 2004

The Story

The following is based on a machine generated translation from from a Russian Book Reivew. If you can do better I would be happy to update the text! www.svenlib.sandy.ru/booknews/27_09_03.htm

Legends of the Rim

  • “To prigranich'e” (“The Rim of Space”, 1961; Translated by A.Kuznetsovoy);
  • “Returned yesterday” (“Bring Back Yesterday”, 1961; Translated by A.Suvorovoy);
  • “After the edge of galaxy” (collection of short stories “Beyond the Galactic Rim”, 1963; Translated by A.Flotskogo):
  • “Caught starry wind” (“Catch the Star Winds”, 1969; a novel from cycle “John Grimes In the Federation”, the second cycle about John Grimes; Translated by A.Suvorovoy);
  • “Mercenaries of space” (“Space Mercenaries”, 1965; the second novel from the trilogy “empress” (“Empress Irene”); Translated by O.Petrovoy);
  • Short Story:
    “Zoological specimen” (story “Zoological Specimen”, from May 1954 in“New Worlds” # 23; Translated by A.Suvorovoy).