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The Rim Worlds

... out on the Galactic Rim things are very iffy and if you fart really hard your're liable to blow yourself on to an Alternate Time Track.

A Bertram Chandler.

John Grimes: Reserve Commodore


Cover by Alan Pollack


  • The Last Amazon
  • The Wild Ones
  • Catch the Star Winds

Short Stories

  • Grimes at Glenrowan
  • Grimes and the Great Race
  • Grimes Among the Gourmets
  • Grimes and the Odd Gods
  • Grimes and the Jailbirds
  • Chance Encounter



Published Editions

  • Science Fiction Book Club, (US), 2004

The Last Amazon

Some years ago, John Grimes opened up the lost colony of Sparta, an all-male planet, to the galaxy. Now he’s back, newly command-certified and waiting for his ship Sister Sue to arrive, and he’s pressed into service again. For the new Spartan government is far from harmonious. One faction resents the influx of women and wants to return to the glory days of a male-only world. Purists want a society modeled on ancient Greece, where women were subjugated. But when his friend the Archon is kidnapped by a gang of militant females whom the authorities insist were men, Grimes suspects something more insidious is afoot….

The Wild Ones

A colony world of religious fanatics, New Salem is famous for the animal furs it exports. Grimes isn’t surprised this unsavory trade is run by his old nemesis Drongo Kane, for the fur-bearers may be intelligent. Landing on this god-fearing planet—where lewdness, smoking and modern technology are outlawed—Grimes knows he’s in for trouble. For in addition to Shirl and Darleen, two battling babes of kangaroo descent, he has brought along his latest toy, a sexy new Japanese robomaid with a mind of her own….

Catch the Star Winds

Unable to exceed the speed of light, Commodore Grimes found a way around it. Now he has recruited the crew of a ramshackle tramp for the shake-down cruise of his strange new “lightjammer”—the first solar sailing spaceship with an anti-matter drive. But Flying Cloud’s mechanic—Grimes’ own niece—still dreams of attaining FTL speeds, and soon the crew finds themselves hurtling from one alternate world to another.