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Aural Delights Nov 2008

The A Bertram Chandler Story UFO is now available as an audio podcast from Starship Sofa Aural Delights No 48

The Story

Lieutenant John Grimes of the Federation Survey Service: fresh out of the Academy - and as green as they come.


For Admiral Lord Hornblower, R.N..

Published Editions

  • Ace H-29, (US), 10-67, 117p, 60c
  • in Urania #499 (Italy), 10-68, 142pp, 250 lire {as LE VIE DELLA FRONTERIA}
  • Terra Nova #74 (Germany), 1969, 66pp, 90 Pfg,{as STRASSE IN DIE UNENDLICHKEIT}
  • LP-Pocket, (Sweden), 1969, {as UTPOST I RYMDEN}
  • Hayakawa Shobô SF160, (Japan), 1975, 232pp, 260 Yen, {as GINGA HENKYÔ ENO NICHI}
  • Ace 73101-5, (US), 1980, 340p, $1.95
  • in Biblioteca di Urania #4, (Italy), 1979, {as LE VIE DELLA FRONTIERA}

The Road To The Rim

Ace H-29

Cover by Jerome Podwill

Published Editions (Cont.)

  • Goldmann 23756-4, (Germany), 1983, 142pp, DM5.80 {translated into German by Denis Scheck, as GRIMES REIST IN DIE UNENDLICHKEIT}
  • Coleçãca Argonauta #407, (Portugal), 1991, {as MISSÃO DE VINGANÇA}
  • eReader (e-book) ISBN: 0740812122, 2002, $5.95 www.ereader.com
  • in Act Mockba, (Russia), 2004, 734pp
  • Wales (Czechoslovakia), 2004, 124pp, 99Kè, {as CESTA NA OKRAJ}
  • Baen Books (USA), 2007, e-book, $4.00, www.webscription.net
  • les moutons électriques, éditeur (France), 2007, 164pp, 13.00€, {as LA ROUTE DES CONFINS}
  • Baen Books, (US), March 2011, Paperback, $12.00
  • Baen Books, (US), March 2011, eBook, $6.00, www.webscription.net

Le Vie Della Frontiera Urania

Urania #499

Strass In Die Unendlichkeit

Terra Nova #74

Cover by Karl Stephen

Utpost I Rymden

Lindqvist LP Pocket

The Road To The Rim

Hayakawa Shobô SF160

Cover by Naoyuki Kato

Le Vie Della Frontiera

Biblioteca Di Urania #4

The Road To The Rim

Ace 73101-5

Cover by Ken Barr

Grimes reist in die Unendlichkeit

Goldmann 23756-4

Cover by Bob Petillo

John Grimes:Lieutenant of the Survey Service


Cover by Matt Stawicki

Commander Grimes

Act Mockba 2004


Contraband From Otherspace

eReader ISBN: 0740812114

Cesta Na Okraj

Wales 80-86390-77-2

Cover by R.Cermák

The Road To The Rim

Baen Books SKU: 0441731007

La Route des Confins

les moutons électriques, éditeur
ISBN 978-915793-26-0

Cover by Sébastien Hayez

La Route des Confins

Baen Books
ISBN 978-1-43913421-4
ebook: SKU: 9781439134214

Cover by Stephen Hickman