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The Rim of Space on Audio

Blackstone Audio have release The Rim of Space on Audio as part of A Galaxy Trilogy VOL. 4

John Grimes

John Grimes started his career with the Federation Survey Service finally ending up in the Rim Worlds Naval Reserve. He is portrayed as something as a loner but stays fiercely loyal to the causes he espouses. (See A Bertram Chandlers "John Grimes - Autobiographical Notes")

John Grimes: Survey Service

The Road to the Rim (Ace H-29, Nov 1967, 60¢, 117pp, pb, cover by Jerome Podwill)
   "The Road to the Rim" (Part 1) If, Apr 1967
   "The Road to the Rim" (Part 2) If, May 1967

To Prime the Pump (Curtis 07116, 1971, 75¢, 157pp, pb, cover by ???)

The Hard Way Up (Ace 31755, Oct 1972, 95¢, 162pp, pb, cover by Kelly Freas)
   "With Good Intentions" (ss)
   "The Subtracter" (nv) (as "The Minus Effect") Galaxy, Aug 1969
   "The Tin Messiah" (ss) (as "The Soul Machine") Galaxy, Oct 1969
   "The Sleeping Beauty" (nv) Galaxy, Feb 1970
   "The Wandering Buoy" (ss) Analog, Sep 1970
   "The Mountain Movers" (ss) Galaxy, Mar 1971
   "What You Know" (nv) Galaxy, Jan 1971

The Broken Cycle (London: Robert Hale, 1975, £x.xx, xxxpp, hc, cover by ???)

Spartan Planet (Dell 8174, Apr 1969, 50¢, 156pp, pb, cover by John Berkey)
   "Spartan Planet" (Part 1) Fantastic, Mar 1968
   "Spartan Planet" (Part 2) Fantastic, May 1968

The Inheritors (Ace 37062, Jun 1972, 95¢, 129pp, pb, cover by ???)

The Big Black Mark (DAW UY1157, Feb 1975, $1.25, 221pp, pb, cover by Kelly Freas)

John Grimes: Far Traveller Couriers

The Far Traveller (London: Robert Hale, 1977, £x.xx, xxxpp, hc, cover by ???)
   "The Far Traveller" (nv) Analog, Aug 1976
   "The Long Fall" (ss) Amazing, Jul 1977
   "The Sleeping Beast" (ss) Amazing, Jan 1978
   "Journey’s End" (ss) Amazing, Feb 1979

Star Courier (DAW UY1292, Mar 1977, $1.25, 142pp, pb, cover by Ray Feibush)

To Keep the Ship (London: Robert Hale, 1978, £x.xx, xxxpp, hc, cover by ???)

Matilda’s Stepchildren (London: Robert Hale, 1979, £x.xx, xxxpp, hc, cover by ???)
   "Excerpts from Matilda’s Stepchildren" (ss) Alien Worlds, ed. Paul Collins, Void 1979

Star Loot (London: Robert Hale, 1980, £x.xx, xxxpp, hc, cover by Jim Cambridge)

The Anarch Lords (DAW UE1653, Sep 1981, $2.25, 208pp, pb, cover by David Mattingly)

The Last Amazon (DAW UE1936, Jun 1984, $2.50, 156pp, pb, cover by Richard Hescox)

The Wild Ones (Melbourne: Paul Collins, 1984, A$5.95, 205pp, pb, cover by GASPP)

John Grimes: Rim Commodore

"Chance Encounter" (ss) New Worlds, Mar 1959

Into The Alternate Universe (Ace M-107, Dec 1964, 45¢, 128pp, pb, cover by Valigursky)

Contraband from Otherspace (Ace G-609, Jan 1967, 50¢, 104pp, pb, cover by Kelly Freas)
   "Edge of Night" (Part 1) If, Sep 1966
   "Edge of Night" (Part 2) If, Oct 1966

"Grimes at Glenrowan" (ss) IASFM, Mar/Apr 1978

"Grimes and the Gaijin Daimyo" (ss) Unpublished

"Grimes and the Great Race" (nv) IASFM, Apr 1980

"Grimes Among the Gourmets" (ss) Other Worlds, ed. Paul Collins, Void, 1978

"Grimes and the Odd Gods" (nv) F&SF, Jun 1983

"Grimes and the Jail Birds" (ss) F&SF, May 1984

The Gateway to Never (Ace 37062, Jun 1972, 95¢, 138pp, pb, cover by ???)

The Rim Gods (Ace 72400, Feb 1969, 60¢, 142pp, pb, cover by John Schoenherr)
   "The Rim Gods" (nv) If, Apr 1968

"The Bird-Brained Navigator" (nv) If, Jun 1968

"Last Dreamer" (nv) If, Aug 1968

"The Tin Fishes" (nv) If, Dec 1968

Alternate Orbits (Ace 13783, May 1971, 75¢, 136pp, pb, cover by Karel Thole)

"Hall of Fame" (nv) (as "The Kinsolving’s Planet Irregulars") Galaxy, Jul 1969

"The Sister Ships" (nv) Galaxy, Sep 1971

"The Man Who Sailed the Sky" (nv)

"The Rub" (nv) Galaxy, Apr 1970

"The Dutchman" (nv) Galaxy, Nov 1972

"The Last Hunt" (ss) Galaxy, Mar 1973

"On the Account" (nv) Galaxy, May 1973

"Rim Change" (na) Galaxy, Aug 1975

"Doggy In The Window" (nv) Amazing, Nov 1978

The Dark Dimensions (Ace 13783, May 1971, 75¢, 117pp, pb, cover by Kelly Freas)

The Way Back (London: Robert Hale, 1976, £x.xx, xxxpp, hc, cover by ???)