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The Rim of Space on Audio

Blackstone Audio have release The Rim of Space on Audio as part of A Galaxy Trilogy VOL. 4

The Story

Second Officer John Peterson is finished as far as the Galactic clippers are concerned. Branded a deserter, stranded on Carinthia and desperate for a job, there are few places left to go. Private detective Steve Vynalek needs Petersen. Has a fanatical scientist on the planet Wenceslaus really found a way to beat the time travel problem, a way to bring back yesterday?


Ace Edition - To Susan Legree.
Allison & Busby Edition - For Susan, with love, and to hell with yesterday.
(A.Bertram Chandler)

Published Editions

  • Ace D-517, (US), 6-61, 173pp, 35c
  • Terra #331, (Germany), 1964, 63pp, DM0.70, {as IM ZEITKREIS GEFANGEN}

Bring Back Yesterday

Ace D-517

Cover by Edward_Valigursky

Published Editions (Cont. )

  • Allison & Busby 406-2, (UK), 10-81, 153pp, £5.95
  • Sphere 2283-7, (UK), 4-82, 153pp, £1.95
  • in RIM LEGENDS, Act Mockba, (Russia), 2004, 734pp

Im Zeitkreis Gefangen

Terra #331

Bring Back Yesterday

Alison & Busby

Cover by Peter Elson

Bring Back Yesterday


Cover by Peter Elson

Legends of the Rim

Act Mockba 2003