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Aural Delights Nov 2008

The A Bertram Chandler Story UFO is now available as an audio podcast from Starship Sofa Aural Delights No 48

SFWA Forum No: 28 - Feb 1973
(Cover Roy G Krenkel)

SFWA Forum No: 28 - Feb 1973


A Bertram Chandler, Australia; 15 Jan 73

Dear Mr Scithers,

Enclosed herewith are two suggested patterns for an SFWA tie. Should the project go ahead, the tie could be made either narrow or broad, and the background colour could be as required.

My own choice would be the conbination of rocketship and quill pen on very dark blue or black... (This is Mr Chandler's notation; the ... does not indicate that I am omitting aught. --GHScithers)

I note that in the last Forum the ladies are feeling left out of it and have started nattering about scarves... Talking about ladies -- my everloving has for years tried to break me of the habit of wearing ties that mean something, and has even, on occasion, bought me ties, which gift neckwear is, of course, hardly ever worn...

It might save time if you now corresponded directly with the uniform tailors: SEGRAVE'S, Sydney, NSW 2000,Australia.

Oh, the tentative wholesale price for the neckwear would be $A3.50 per each. (This translates to about $US5.00 per each, plus postage and packing. Thus, the question before the membership is, who of you ((meaning, to me, how many of you)) would like to buy a SFWA tie -- or material of scarfish dimensions -- at a cost of about $US6.00?)

Tie Design All the best,

 A Bertram Chandler

 P.s. At the moment I am not wearing a tie. I wear a tie once a week when I go into town on business. The rest of the time I wear the rig of the day at our nudist camp.