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The Rim Worlds

... out on the Galactic Rim things are very iffy and if you fart really hard your're liable to blow yourself on to an Alternate Time Track.

A Bertram Chandler.

Analog - Oct 1960
(Cover John W Cambell Jr)

Analog - Oct 1960


Analog Brass Tacks Section

Dear John:
Am sulking hard - the reason being the letter from my fellow mariner, Miss Sandra J. Fulton, in the January, 1960, Brass Tacks.

Miss Fulton says regarding "The Outsiders" - "Not bad, but Chandler has done better..."

Too flaming right he has - and one of the things that he's done better is "Giant Killer" which, in the same letter, she attributes to P. Schuyler Miller.

The game's crook.


Yoicks! I slipped too, in not catching that on the way past!