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Aural Delights Nov 2008

The A Bertram Chandler Story UFO is now available as an audio podcast from Starship Sofa Aural Delights No 48

SFWA Forum

Oct 1972

A Bertram Chandler, Australia; 20 Oct 72

Dear Mr Scithers,

Thank you for card of October 11. In re the proposed SFWA tie, I have asked my uniform tailors to let me have an estimate of the cost of 400 ties. I gave them two possible designs -- one with the crossed quill pen & rocketship on dark blue, one with SFWA in gold on dark blue. AS soon as I hear from them I shall pass on the information. The tailors in question do make up special ties for yacht clubs etc. etc.

In re the membership cards -- I find that I still have my last year's ASA card, which is enclosed herewith. I don't have any out-of-date MSG cards and neither do any of my officers, so I have cut a sample to the exact size from paper. The actual card, of course, is fairly stout cardboard, blue on the outside with the lettering and Guild crest in gold. No doubt the blue and gold make it a rather more expensive card than the ASA one.

Finally, thank you for the Airmailed Forums. Getting them hot from the press makes one feel less out of touch here in the Rim Worlds Antipodes.

With Best Wishes,
A Bertram Chandler
Originally Published in SFWA Forum No: 27 - Oct 1972