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The Rim of Space on Audio

Blackstone Audio have release The Rim of Space on Audio as part of A Galaxy Trilogy VOL. 4

World of Wonder 1951

Editor(s): Fletcher Pratt
Publisher: Twayne (USA)
Publication Date: 1951

World of Wonder 1951


Even many of the most persistent readers of science fiction are under the impression that A. Bertram Chandler is one of the group of writers who have come to the front at about the same time and are personally known to each other - or that he is a pseudonym of one of them. The free use of pseudonyms, by the way is one of the more intersting affectations of writers in the field. Robert A. Heinlein has at least five, and there is really no discernible reason why a man with a perfectly good name of Will F. Jenkins should never write science fiction except as Murray Leinster, or why A. P. White should call himself Anthony Boucher. A. Bertram Chandler is like, H. Beam Piper, the reverse case; the name sounds like a pseudonym but isn't. There is a perfectly respectable office of the British Merchant Marine named A. Bertram Chandler who writes the stories thus signed and sends them in from places like Bombay and Mombassa.
- Fletcher Pratt