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Dreaming Again

Grimes and the Gaijin Daimyo the first A Bertram Chandler story to be published in 24 year is now available in the Anthology Dreaming Again edited by Jack Dann.

From Sea to Shining Star 1990
(Cover Nick Stathopoulos)

Editor(s): Keith Curtis & Susan Chandler
Publisher: Dreamstone (Australia)
ISBN: 0-9587968-1-5
Publication Date: Nov 1990

From Sea to Shining Star 1990

Short Story

In a long career as a writer, A. Bertram Chandler produced many fine short stories and novells. In fact, his name as a science fiction writer was made on the strength of his short fiction and yet, Chandler is known now more for his novels of Grimes and the Rim Worlds.

Get a group of science fiction fans together almost anywhere in the English speaking world, mention Chandler's name and observer the glow of recognition. Younger fans, that is those under thirty, will mention the Commodore, John Grimes, his various woman - Sonya Verril (late Mrs. Grimes), Maggie Lazenby, Kitty Kelly - and soon the exotic faraway places on the Rim - Port Forlorn, Elsinore, Kinsolving's Planet, Van Diemen's Planet - and those wonderful Gaussjammers with Ehrenhaft Drive and the equally probable Mannschen Drive. Older fans will nod with recognitio and as the names slow, someone will mention 'The Cage', Derek Calver, Scrabble, 'Frontier of the Dark', yes, werewolves, and 'Giant Killer'.

In a few minutes the group will have remembered more than at first they thought they would. Curiously enough many of the stories remembered with pleasure have never been available in a collection of Chandler's own. Many have appeared in some of the best anthologies produced from within the science fiction field but even these are becoming difficult to find. Ergo, offered for your entertainment are the following stories by `Jack' Chandler - be it for the first, second or umpteenth time.

So pull up a chair, light a pipe if you will and remember, "This is Liberty Hall; you can spit on the floor and and call the cat a bastard!"